Santa Elena's private oceanfront (2.45 km. or ca. 1.5 miles)

Santa Elena is located on the North western shores of Nicaragua, far from any polluted area.


It is perfectly located: directly on the Pacific Ocean, flanked by three Natural Reserves. near a winter breeding ground for the Humpback whale, and with an unspoiled private beach of approximately 1.5 miles.


We own the land and the beach. 

Our Deed of Right and Property over these lands is a matter of Public Record. Our ownership is inscribed with the Public Registry of Nicaragua, and precedes both the independence of Nicaragua’s and the issuing of the Nicaraguan Constitution.


The oceanic border of Santa Elena is defined as the place ‘donde el agua del mar toca la panza de un caballo en marea seca’. Translated, the statement reads: as the place ‘where the ocean meets the belly of a horse at ebb tide’.

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